How to Live with a Sense of Duty

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1 year ago

Confronting but enlightening..thank you and Bless

1 year ago

Thank you Bruce. Bless you. Lord God, help me to be the person you’ve called me to be to live with a sense of duty towards others, sharing what you’ve done for me. Praise the Lord.

Yavitrie Adhar
1 year ago

Please pray for Yavitrie, Soney, Rennard, Joshua, Brianna, Japheth, Samantha, Robin, Emma, Mia, Indira ,Suzanne, Elijah, Ashton, Analisa, Satesh, Shivani, Vishnu,,Devita, Crystal, Deneisha in Jesus name

1 year ago

Thank you Bruce for this challenging but encouraging Sunday Prayer and Teaching Service! I will be praying to the Lord and keeping my eyes, ears and heart open as to what the Lord wants me to do. What are my sense of duties! God bless you Bruce,Rosemary and all who do such great work in the ministries! I’ll be seeing you tomorrow Bruce,God willing.

1 year ago

l don’t have time to hate people who hate me , because l’m too busy loving people who have me.

Lucy Kimani
1 year ago

Thank you Bruce for the Powerful Word of God. The Sense of Duty preaching is very informative. Blessed Sunday.

Ursel Mihelcic
1 year ago


Kinga Bradbury
1 year ago

Please pray for Bogdan. He’s very sick with Covid in ICU. Thank you and bless you.