God's Way is Compassion - 3rd July

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Donna Redfearn
2 months ago

Love and compassion go hand in hand. Thanku.

2 months ago

We need more compassion and lots of forgiveness. The world needs this Amen! Thank you Rosemary for praying with us.

Isabel. Jimenez
2 months ago

Amen 🙏

2 months ago

Dear Rosemary, you give such beauty and meaning to the verse”Be still and “ know” that I am God!” Bruce is so very blessed to have you as a help mate…Marriage …so sacred and Holy…the blessed assurance that both of you will complete your God given assignments! My husband was received into Heaven a week ago today…I still am a little jealous that he looked into Jesus’ eyes before me🥹

2 months ago

I would like to tell Rosemary Downes, (Bruce’s wife) that during this past week, that you filled in for your husband, while he was otherwise occupied, you did an amazing job. You are a true inspiration. I will most definitely start following your Heart Ministry.
Thank you so much,

Kathy O’Connor
2 months ago

Thank you Rosemary. Compassion is very important and we need more of it is this world we are living in. Thank you for sharing your heart on this.

2 months ago

The compassion of “Father forgive them…they know not what they do”…is the greatest of compassion. The Lord’s Prayer helps us daily to show compassion. Thank you Rosemary.

Laura Kirby
2 months ago

Is BruceOK

Carmel Culpeper
2 months ago

Thank you Rosemary for sharing your gifts with us, you are a truly loving compassionate person.
God Bless you

Ursel Mihelcic
2 months ago

Thank you Rosemary