THE WEEKLY | The Secret to Being Fulfilled

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Raffaella Librandi
5 months ago

Great message Bruce, God should always be at the centre of our lives, anything without the divine, is a distraction.

5 months ago

Thank you Bruce. Great message.

5 months ago

Thank You Bruce, such an encouraging message, thank you

Shirley Jenner
5 months ago

I was enjoying the message until you said you were horrible to Rosemary. After that, I struggled to watch. Sometimes we don’t need to know everything. Once heard, it can’t be forgotten. I feel a bit uncomfortable and slightly betrayed.

Reply to  Shirley Jenner
5 months ago

Dear Shirley, Bruce was just being honest about himself. He was saying he is not perfect. This is what he meant by using the word horrible. He meant nothing more than that. That sometimes he may speak, I do the same at times, more harshly, thinking only of himself in our relationship ourselves. We all do this. Sometimes it is due to tiredness, stress etc. Bruce shares honestly to help people on their journey with the Lord. It is one of the things people often love about Bruce. He is honest and knows his weakness. That’s why we need Our… Read more »

Kathy O'Connor
5 months ago

Thank you Bruce. God Bless you. A powerful message and I thank God for using you as a vessel to bring these messages to people.