THE WEEKLY | Watch and Pray

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1 month ago

Fantastic Emma… Thankyou for your wisdom ..
It has helped me to see what prayer can do and why I need to pray all the time …

1 month ago

Bruce and Rosemary, Emma is a gift from God. What a beautiful women, sharing her wisdom and love of prayer. Thank you and Gods Blessings on your Ministry. 🙏🙏

Donna Redfearn
1 month ago

Beautiful thanku

Raffaella Librandi
1 month ago

So good Emma, “The apple never falls far from the tree.” A great message esp. in a time when society tells us to “”Do what makes you happy or follow your heart,” all that leads to hell. You have lead us to God’s way, thank you.

1 month ago

Thank you Emma for today’s message. It was beautiful and impactful 🙏❤️
Thank you Bruce. I love it when you read out comments from people as I relate and feel the same way.
Your ministry is so important and we thank you and all your team for showing up every day to give us gold nuggets to help us develop our relationship with God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit and to be better people so that God’s love shines out through us to the world.
Many blessings on your day! 🌞🙏❤️

Jeanette Easton
1 month ago

Thank you so much Emma you are just amazing. Your presentation touched me I. Such a powerful way. God Bless you and all the ministry and your family

Ursel Mihelcic
1 month ago

Thank you Emma

1 month ago

Beautiful Emma. Thankful for this message at this time. Blessing

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1 month ago

👍 Emma.. not only your earthly father is proud but your Heavenly Father is smiling !!! May this ministry be blessed in every way to Continue to open blind eyes and deaf ears to the truth! Jesus we can’t thank you enough.. through your 100% obedience to God Almighty we get to call Him FATHER!! And receive the gift of the Holy Spirit to lead guide and direct each of us to walk the path He set out for us!

1 month ago

What a wonderful talk by Emma! She is her dad’s daughter. I can tell how much she learned from you Bruce. What a wonderful talk with wisdom and strength about prayer.

Pamela Lang
1 month ago

I want to know if I have to pay anything 😕 for the live stream of your Chicago conference and how much. I have been a follower of yours for the last two years..

Anne Lombardo
1 month ago

Emma absolutely beautiful! You touched my heart and my soul. MY prayers are with you always.

Virginia Antonetty
1 month ago

Awesome lesson. Thank you for your wisdom. Blessings.

Mary Valan
1 month ago

Thank you Emma that was very powerful. Blessings to you, Bruce and Rosemary and all the people involved with this ministry. I have learned so much and will pray that this enriches me further and reaches others. Thank you.

1 month ago

Thank you Emma for the most beautiful gentle & generous prayer. You touched my heart & made me think of so much I need to do to grow in my relationship with Jesus 🙏
May God bless you, your family & the BD ministry.

Mona Torres
1 month ago

So blessed to have heard this Great Message, Emma May the Almighty Lord God Bless, You Forever Thank You So Much!

1 month ago

Wonderful Emma, I love how you have a way of asking us the never before asked questions. Indeed you blessed us with your message today.

1 month ago

I thank God for you every single day . What a blessing 🙏