THE WEEKLY | How To Pray For Others

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Denis Hill
1 month ago

Thank you to your ministry Bruce. I come from a Christian church that has reduced in numbers to 3 to 5 every week which is very sad for us who go every week and not inspiring for preachers who try and give us hope The Church is Uniting Church, Mulbring, New South Wales, Australiia. I have been listening to you and Rosemary for several months. I take great comfort from you and the way you explain the Bible. I say Thank you a million times. Please prey that our Church in Mulbring can grow again as the little village is… Read more »

1 month ago

Prayers for you Bruce and thank you!!

Raffaella Librandi
1 month ago

We are praying for you Bruce,your whole family and your ministry.
As sinners, you give us hope that through prayer we can be in God’s presence.Your ministry is a lifeline for the lost, for all sinners and the universal church.

Virginia Antonetty
1 month ago

Sweet Heavenly Father, I lift up in prayer, Bruce and his ministry. Fill them all with the Power of the Holy Spirit. Bring healing where healing is needed and strength where it is needed. Lord bless them in every area of the ministry and travel need to places You send them to.

Helen McIntyre
28 days ago

Thank you Bruce for that wonderful explanation of How to pray for others.
I pray that you will be a wonderful blessing to all who hear you speak as you travel. 🙏