Unlocking the Voice of God

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John T
2 years ago

Thank you Brue for this excellent talk on unlocking the voice of God, it characterises the 4 basic things we all need to do and practice daily in our lives to make our world a better place. How great would it be if we all took this message seriously and followed God’s will and not our own. I pray that this message will be heard by millions of people who will experience the power of the Holy Spirit and make even a small step to bring this peaceful awakening to fruition and unlock the Fruit of the Holy Spirit. God’s… Read more »

Sullivan Marie Ann
Reply to  John T
2 years ago

Thank you Bruce. Those words in the Bible quoted today certainly show us “the way” to solve today’s world & personal problems. When you were reflecting on turning from our wicked ways they thought lay reflected on the 2nd part of the freest commandment ..our relationships with one another. Sadly our relationship with God is what is being ignored or forgotten. The 3 Commandments are not being humbly obeyed. When you mentioned “Catholic”, I thought you were also going to challenge us to be humble and pray the way Jesus asked and commanded us—to come before Him as the “hidden”… Read more »

Ursel Mihelcic
2 years ago


doreen Preval
2 years ago

Brilliant talk Bruce, thank you for the simplicity, sincerity of your words – they speak so much more. God bless you and your ministry.

Lucy Kimani
2 years ago

Thank you Bruce for the well organized music choir that is so well sung in praising God as we prepare to hear the Word of God. Be Blessed always for the Good Job.

2 years ago

Thank you, Bruce. There was so much to live by in your message today which we need more than ever in these troubled times.

2 years ago

Thank you Bruce for this yes confronting and challenging message! But the message is also most helpful in a practical and spiritual way. Bruce to be honest, I thought when scripture mentioned wicked, it was another word for evil, closely linked to being like the devil! And if anyone would have called me a wicked sinner, I would have taken it as a shameful, insulting put down! Or that the person knew something about me that would be condemning if the world knew! Being a Catholic myself and going for Reconciliation to repent of my sins, I’ve heard the words… Read more »

Edwin Albert Pope
2 years ago

Your music team are very good and I often join in with them, however, it is very embarrassing because she, my dog, just looks at me with a pained look on her face. I do the PowerPoint music for the Church and always, after I have prepared it, I test it to make sure it works. I really know that music is prayer and worship to God and I have tears in me eyes as I sing while it plays. I will 84 on the 28th July and I am still so exited in my faith, often feeling the Holy… Read more »

Marci Valente
2 years ago

Thank you, have a blessed Sunday💞🕊🙏🌈🌎

2 years ago

Come Holy Spirit 🔥🙏🏻

Jones Ruth
2 years ago

This was awesome today Bruce. Thank you!!!!

Deanna Francke
2 years ago

Thank you Bruce some thought filled words that we all need to act upon. May God Bless you, Rosemary & the team abundantly to keep doing the work that you do so well.💕🙏

Sally Koester
2 years ago

Dear Bruce, It’s difficult to express my delight with your message 6/27. I’m actually crying tears of joy with your story about Tammy, your Border Collie! I will always cherish this story. I would have loved to have been in her company with those chickens. It’s all in the eyes! I have 2 dogs & I love all the beautiful creatures that our that our Loving God has gifted us. I also cherish all of your spirit-filled (daily) messages.You are a blessing in my life & in the lives many others across the globeas well. I keep you, your loved… Read more »

2 years ago

I have listened to this presentation a couple of times, and learn more each time. Absolutely brilliant precis on a basic yet complex concept for people of faith. Thank you.