THE WEEKLY | Come Holy Spirit

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Raffaella Librandi
2 months ago

Come Holy Spirit Come! May the Holy Spirit fall afresh on you Bruce esp on your trip to Chicago where the Holy Spirt will make all things possible.

Valerie Lack
2 months ago

Thank you Bruce. That was very powerful. I really pray that the Holy Spirit will come upon me and all my family members and on the whole world and work within us for the glory and honour of Almighty God.

Donna Redfearn
2 months ago


2 months ago

Thank you Bruce for helping me understand the Blessed Trinity better. You made it so much clearer to comprehend . Come Holy Spirit!!

Marise Mcowan
2 months ago

Love your description of the spirit as an unwrapped present.I hope to use that one day when and if my grandsons are confirmed

Kathy O'Connor
2 months ago

Great Message. Thank you.

Joan Pizzano
2 months ago

Thank you Bruce, very powerful words . Amen