12th July - How to Pray

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Elani Vaafusuaga
18 days ago

God Bless you Bruce, your wife and Family and also your great team. Love the work that you do which is so Meaningful and Inspirational.

Maureen Emslie
18 days ago

Hi Bruce
I have one copy of the Holy Spirit book. It’s BEAUTIFUL! I would like to order 4 copies for my children but I can’t seem to find a way to order/pay for them. The way it is set up only allows an order for one copy. Would someone please let me know how I could do this? Thank you!
God Bless you Bruce & Rosemary & Team! You & your team are in my prayers daily. 🕊

18 days ago

Hi Bruce and your team. I would love a copy of the prayer book but postage to South Africa isn’t really an option. How do I go about getting an ebook/pdf?
Bruce your teaching encourages me every day, each day there is something that feeds me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
God bless you, your wife and the team.

Ursel Mihelcic
18 days ago

Thank you

18 days ago

Thank you Bruce for this message beginning the new series: Praying in the Power of the Holy Spirit. I’m excited to be receiving these future messages on praying to the Holy Spirit, Bruce! I also love the prayer to the Holy Spirit you have chosen to finish the message with. I thank you for printing this precious little booklet based on prayers to the Holy Spirit! I highly recommend this book to anyone, seeking a deeper relationship with the Holy Spirit and in need of the Power, He can only bring into your life! God bless you Bruce, Rosemary and… Read more »

Susan Powell
18 days ago

Tried to give $ & receive the prayer book
Maybe it’s my phone – I’ll try later on my tablet

18 days ago

Thank you Bruce for your ministry. I have been blessed by it. I now feel I would miss your daily Devotional if I did not receive it everyday. You seem vital to my spiritual growth. You help me stay focused on the Holy Father Jesus and the Holy Spirit and your explanations are what we all need to feel connected in this pandemic time when we have not been able to gather together.
Thanks again and God Bless!

Reply to  Cindy
17 days ago

Agree!! Beautifully said Cindy. God Bless.

Lucy Kimani
18 days ago

Thank you Bruce for all that you do in the Ministry as you inspire us daily in God’s word. Be Blessed always.

Marci Valente
18 days ago

Continued blessings and as we journey anew with you in the coming weeks. Come Holy Spirit renew us and strengthen us and bless all of us. Thank you Bruce and all your team. Amen💞🙏🕊🌻

17 days ago

I start my day with your devotional ever since I saw it advertised on Facebook for Lent. My husband died in December so I am alone except for the Lord’s comfort. Thank you for your insights daily!

Marilyn Colby
Reply to  Marilyn
17 days ago

My name is also Marilyn and I lost my husband in September. I really understand your comment about being alone except for the Lord’s comfort. God bless you. I also started with Lent.

Joan korpela
17 days ago

I just made a donation today
Can I please get a copy of the Holy Spirit prayer book?
Joan korpela
821 Woodthrush ln
Colgate, Wi. 53017
Thank you .

Johnnie Vollrath
17 days ago

I was wondering how long it takes to get the Holy Spirit prayer book, It was 3 weeks today I gave a donation in the gift tab. I have watching for it.
Thank you for all your good work and prayers.

Fabienne Dube Fortier
17 days ago

Hi Bruce,I so enjoy your daily devotions. Have you watch the Chosen on the app the chosen?

Katherine Goss
17 days ago

Can’t wait to receive your prayer book! My husband and I love your ministry! Blessings to each of you!

Margaret Daniels
17 days ago

God bless your beautiful grandchildren. Lovely to see them on here. Thank you for all your wonderful teaching and encouragement. 🙏♥️

Josephine starzacher
17 days ago


Janie Moore
16 days ago

Really enjoy your daily message I find it very inspirational

11 days ago

God bless you for ur great job of enlighting to us about Jesus so clearly.