Your Law is Written on My Heart - 15th July

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25 days ago

Thank you Bruce. Blessings to you in abundance in your Ministry. 🙏

25 days ago

Thankyou Bruce for these daily revelations, prayers and insights which help to deepen our relationship with God.

Teresa Harriss
25 days ago

That’s beautiful. I have been married 52 years happily we have our ups and downs. It’s a lovely thing to do. I hope young people listening follow your idea. God bless your ministry.

25 days ago

Thank you lord for Holy Spirit, deliver and protect us in our daily lives.Blessings

Reply to  Francoise
25 days ago

Giving thanks is huge!!! If more people did that this world would be changed!👍

25 days ago

Thank you Bruce. Today i am more convinced than ever before, to pray for our grandchildren’s future spouses.
BTW, I find your new background of black and blue and rather distracting!! Maybe it is just me! God bless.

Patti Grandolfo
25 days ago

So grateful to God, and to your ministry. God Bless us all here and now and in our future🙏🕊️♥️

Reply to  Patti Grandolfo
25 days ago

Grateful hearts are very happy hearts🤩🎉💕🕊. We are very blessed to have insight from this ministry to strengthen us for this journey!

Martha Stratton
25 days ago

Thank you today I had to watch this video 3 times To feel God and understand. Thank you Bruce. God Bless.

25 days ago

Thank you.

25 days ago

Pray for my husband he has end stage kidney failure pain and arthritis throughout his body znd now has covid and is still in the hospital. Plus heart difficulties.

Ellen Culver
25 days ago

Thank you 🙏

Jean Merron
24 days ago

This was nice the way you prayed to meet the right one in life and you did woth Rosmary