16th June - It Takes Character

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3 years ago

amen .

Ursel Mihelcic
3 years ago


Edwin Albert Pope
3 years ago

How easily God makes it possible for us to know Him, He gives us the gift of life, life with Him every day. A gift is only a gift when you accept and use it. The fruit of the Spirit, I like that. There was a tree in the Garden of Eden, the tree of Life, Adam and Eve could eat the fruit from that tree but instead chose the fruit of the tree of knowledge. I read the next line of Galatians, “against such there is no law.” I thought about that; when we live by grace, living God’s… Read more »

Reply to  Edwin Albert Pope
3 years ago

Amen. Fiat.

3 years ago

Thank you Bruce. Your explanations are just wonderful. You are changing our lives by this gift. Many Blessings, Vivienne

3 years ago

Thank you Bruce for this very relevant message concerning the character of God, Jesus! It wasn’t that long ago that I started pondering on the character of Jesus, and thinking to myself, that is who I should be more like and asking the Holy Spirit’s help! Thank You Lord for the blessings I receive in listening to these messages! May the Lord continue to bless you, Rosemary and family as well as all who work in the ministries! I’ll be seeing you definitely tomorrow Bruce, God willing!

3 years ago

Oh how that resonated with me when your spoke of your children saying, “there’s Pop”. Having recently lost my mother in law to COVID a few months ago, I “see her” in my husbands smile, I hear her my sister in law’s voice… not unlike seeing my grandma in my mother or my grandmother in my Aunts. There’s a beautiful song, “I find your love” by Beth Nielsen Chapman that speaks to this. Thank you Bruce 💙🙏🏻 It’s been 4 months of my starting my day with your devotionals and I have been so very very blest.

Reply to  Laura
3 years ago

My deepest sympathy ….. Your mother in law will never be lost to you . May God wrap His loving arms around you and your family

Marci Valente
3 years ago

Thank you Bruce, have a blessed day.💞🙏🕊🇨🇦

Lucy Kimani
3 years ago

Thank you Bruce for the well elaboration of character in our lives through seeing God the Father. B e Blessed always.

Douglas H Thomas Sr
3 years ago

Hi Emma, a little over a month ago I sent in a new person who wants to join our team, so far she has not received any emails. I have been forwarding my emails so she could at least be getting them until your team was able to get them to her. she his from the Philippines but she lives here in the United States, she is a physical therapist and goes to your home, she is so sweet. one day I called her to give her some Alo plants and show her some others and I at that time… Read more »

Jones Ruth
3 years ago

I love your talks on the Holy Spirit. I will read John 14:5. Thank you so much Bruce. God Bless!!!

Anthony Caruso
3 years ago

Well Done.The Holy Spirit came to me when I made my Confirmation but I learned much more about him by your messages on the Holy Spirit and feel him in myself more than ever.