The Importance of Being Watchful - 24th July

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11 months ago

Thank you Bruce!

Jo micallef
11 months ago


Denise Hall
11 months ago

Thank you Bruce for reminding us that, the more we love the Lord & therefore surrender more of ourselves to Him because we love Him, the more He can give of Himself to us, because He loves us infinitely, unconditionally & eternally. Thanks & praise, Amen

11 months ago

Thank you, Bruce. Very powerful messages, today and yesterday.

11 months ago

Bruce…You never cease to amaze me….what a way to start a day..Surrender…as He withholds nothing!!! “Father God… what’s in store today for US today😁.” It’s a truly a privilege to go to Mass, it’s for our good to know His great love… and start the new week with hope, joy and high expectations that something good is waiting for us… little things become big things! All this and Heaven too!

10 months ago

Today you put your finger right on what took me away from the church and why. A terrible experience in the 60s catholic school took me away for many years. I tried to go back but you said it I was not Mature enough in the Spirit to truly grasp this concept. I have long since learned exactly what was happening to me and my circumstance as a child and forgiven but today i realized i let it take away so many years of this drawing closer to God. I will never completely have the maturity I need but I… Read more »

Isabel. Jimenez
10 months ago

Amen 🙏

Doris Zielinski
10 months ago

Bruce, I graduated 1964, and my HS yearbook quote was,”Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” I have no idea why I said that? Amazing!! I love you, Bruce!

Ursel Mihelcic
10 months ago

Thank you