Soul and Spirit

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John T
3 years ago

Thanks Bruce for reminding me that I’m not on my own when I have to keep on reminding myself to keep coming back to God with a deeper understanding of my lack of holiness or even emptiness, yes it’s a constant state of mind to seek out the love of God through the Holy Spirit. Amen

Valerie Simms
3 years ago

Thank you Bruce for this challenging message today to put the Lord first all of the time! You are absolutely right in saying there’s a raging battle between the flesh and the soul where the Holy Spirit resides. The battle is not just within. It’s also in the world I live in. I see it in the news on TV, the culture, in relationships, in the current circumstances. All can become temptations, distractions, often times influencing choices that lead away from God and His ways. If I listen to my thoughts I am more than likely to make grave mistakes.… Read more »