How to Strive After God

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2 years ago

How often have I seen it, the negative turned into the positive, God is indeed majestic, indeed great.

Reply to  LUIGI
2 years ago

Oh yes, yes! I have seen that too. God is so amazing.

2 years ago

God is with you, God is still with you, God is always with you .

Estelle Ebrahim
2 years ago

Wendy Rio Nippy Kian and everyone suffering with Covid. Heal them Lord in Jesus name Amen

2 years ago

Thank you Bruce for such a powerfully challenging message!!! I’ll be watching this message again!!! And praying that I may be more like St Paul: totally sold out for God!!! God bless you, Rosemary and all who work so diligently for God and for us all, over and over and over again! I’ll be seeing you tomorrow Bruce!

2 years ago

Carm, William

Yavitrie Adhar
2 years ago

Please pray for Yavitrie, Soney, Rennard, Joshua, Brianna, Japheth, Samantha, Robin, Emma, Mia, Indira, Suzanne, Elijah, Ashton, Analisa, Satesh, Shivani, Vishnu in Jesus mighty name 🙏

2 years ago

Lord, Thank you for Bruce and RoseMary and for their ministry.
Continue to bless them for what they do.

2 years ago

You, Bruce Downes, are indeed “full on”!

2 years ago

An INCREDIBLY moving message today. I am so very grateful to have discovered your devotionals as Lent 2021 began and to have made them part of my daily routine. You are “spot on” that the challenges of COVID have yielded blessing, opportunity to reflect and reach out to others in new ways. Thanks you Bruce for being an example, like St Paul, FULL ON FOR GOD… working in the lives of others through your ministry and inspiring us to grow and be all God has called us to be EXACTLY IN THE PLACE WHERE WE ARE.

Lucy Kimani
2 years ago

Thank you Bruce for the Awesome Homily. Blessed Sunday!

Jean Merron
2 years ago

I loved this talk you did tonight we don’t often think about having to face God at the end of life and what we are going to say to him

2 years ago

Wonderful Bruce, you touch my Soul. And my Faith, Thank you!

2 years ago

I have along way to go.

John McCabe
2 years ago

Thank You Bruce
Father O Abba! I John I offer You my will
 I offer You my life, l surrender
Righteous Father  If it is within Your Will
make me worthy so that You may use me fully
make me a victim of Your burning Desire
of Your Sacred Heart. Father, I have no gift  
to give You but my love and my life. Do in
Me what You Will. Amen              

Mary Ladner
2 years ago

Please pray for my brother Lex who is having triple bypass surgery on Tuesday September 7