Placing God First in Our Life - 21st August

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Donna Redfearn
9 months ago


Ursel Mihelcic
9 months ago

Thank you

9 months ago

Good morning. The back drop behind you changes from time to time in your broadcasts. The water splashing up from the bottom of the screen…behind you…is there a significance to that? Sending Prayers and love your way for a desired success and accomplishments in Tulsa, OK.

Pam Williams
9 months ago

Love your daily messages. Trying to get to Impacters Online but I haven’t been able to get it.
Have a Blessed Day

Reply to  Pam Williams
9 months ago

Me too.. wonder what is wrong🤷🏻‍♀️

Isabel. Jimenez
9 months ago

Amen 🙏

9 months ago

Very important point .. to not only know who you are but whose you are…you hit the nail on the head every time … closer to Him is where we all need to be!!! Safe and secure…are we who put our trust in Him no matter what the circumstances! Either Jesus is coming back soon or the greatest revival is coming…Go for it!!! You and your dear wife and team give New meaning to “Christ in you the hope of Glory!”