Private Power

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3 years ago

Thank you Bruce. The Holy Spirit was really speaking through you today.
As you said a powerful scripture. Well worth reading again. Bless you

3 years ago

If I have a problem, I can remind myself that the problem is a challenge to rise even higher in my conviction of God’s care. “My grace is sufficient for thee”

Valerie Simms
3 years ago

Thank you Bruce for this POWERFUL, POWERFUL, POWERFUL MESSAGE to combat the powerlessness that is felt, in the circumstances, in what is happening around and within. How encouraging it is to know not only is God everywhere, but WORKING POWERFULLY WITHIN! So that WE CAN DO MORE THAN WE CAN ASK OR IMAGINE! Bruce this is another Scripture to add in my booklet!!! I’m wondering if I should call this booklet:
The Book To Remember to carry with me at all times!!! May the Lord bless you more than I can ask or imagine!!!

SUSAN Steynbergsusan
3 years ago