Scripture Your Way to Maturity - 20th August

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1 month ago

Thanks Bruce Rosemary and THE TEAM. Every day I feel stronger on my journey in getting to my best friend, my God and Mt SAVIOUR.
Thanks that you are always ther, and at any time day or night I can listen to you, always with a message that quite often helps me solve an issue.
My God works in strange and miraculous ways.Thank you and may our God shower you all with many Blessing
Margaret McDonakd

1 month ago

Praying that all goes well in Tulsa! Thank you for all that you do.

Donna Redfearn
1 month ago

Sometimes hard to understand tho.

1 month ago

Want you to know I am praying for you and the team working in Tulsa…. I have tried to find it at the site you ask us to go to, but I am not very computer savvy, so I hope this is okay.

Dan Stockmanb
1 month ago

I find a good start of the day is to read one chapter of Proverbs each day There are 31 books of Proverbs and there are up to 31 days in certain months. Boom! One-A-Day. Just like the vitamin pill!

Timothy Ritchie
1 month ago

Praying for the time in Tulsa.

Patricia Holmes
1 month ago

I pray Tulsa goes well for you and the team

1 month ago

Bruce, We as Catholics read the Bible every Time we attend mass as the readings are from the Bible. So if you do the daily scripture readings we have daily, we are reading the Bible. And if you are at mass, the Priest then gives a homily to help us understand that scripture reading. I feel so blessed to be a Catholic.
God bless you and your team

Shirley Jenner
1 month ago

I’ve ‘read’ the entire Bible through audio books. I felt the need to read the old testament first, to get a better sense of the background. It was hard going but worth it.