1st July - Three Together & Yet Distinct

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Denise Cecil
29 days ago


Kathy Fitzgerald
29 days ago

Thanks for this teaching ,this is helping me to know more about the amazing working of our God . Looking forward to learning from your teaching.

Christine Dobson
29 days ago

Please add this friend to your list. We have spoken to her and her Utube is not working right now because they have just moved into a care Village as they are nor well.

Judy Mitchell email address is…….

[email protected] gmail.com

Many thanks,


Sandra Purcell (ADMIN)
Reply to  Christine Dobson
29 days ago

Hi Christine, I have added your friend Judy to receive the Daily Devotional emails so please let her know to expect the emails each day! Have a blessed day! Sandra/BDCM Team

John T
29 days ago

Thank you Bruce for the explanation of the Holy Trinity and how we as individuals can include all three in our daily prayers. I was like many other’s a bit confused as to who to pray too. In my daily prayers I tend to pray to “God the father” and at the end include through “Jesus your son” and more recently “Through the power of the Holy Spirit”. The latter inclusion I learnt from one of your after Easter talks a few years ago, so it’s been a big part in my conclusion in any prayers that I say throughout… Read more »

Edwin Albert Pope
29 days ago

Bruce, it is difficult but you explained it well. I was taught this way, The Old Testament (Genesis to Malachi) God, Creator and Father was the primary person yet Jesus and the Holy Spirit took part. The New Testament (Gospels Mathew, Mark, Luke and John) Jesus was the primary person yet God and the Holy Spirit took part. The Epistles (Book of Acts to the Book of Jude) The Holy Spirit was the primary person yet God and Jesus took part. However, the Book of Revelation (Apocalypse) all three equally share in this Book. When I read the Holy Bible,… Read more »

Gertrude Agyemang
29 days ago

Amen 🙏

Juliana James
29 days ago

Good morning
I like to give thanks to Bruce for letting us know more and More about Faith and trust everyday I learn something from it.
sometime I loose my Faith but then I think about Mr Bruce and his teaching’s I come back to my senses.

Thank you for your lovely teaching



29 days ago

Thank you for this message concerning the mystery of God is Three in One and is One. Bruce I had never heard of the Holy Trinity being Community. I’ve understood that the Holy Trinity is Family. Using the example that family members will all carry the same surname but each member will have their own different name and their distinct personality, despite having physical resemblances and several similar character traits. Would I be wrong in this Bruce? Hope you can explain to me further tomorrow Bruce. In the meantime God bless you Bruce and Rosemary. Here’s hoping I’ll be able… Read more »

Ursel Mihelcic
29 days ago


Msureen Green. Hi
29 days ago

Hi Bruce, Thank you for bringing the Holy Spirit into my life. I have been a catholic all my life and never did fully understand about The Holy Spirit. So here I am at 77 waking up to the Holy Spirit, thanks to someone the other side of the world.
I look forward to receiving my prayer book soon.
Thank you, Thank you , Thank you!

29 days ago

AMEN — as long as we pray— without prayer , we are totally lost..

Lucy Kimani
29 days ago

Thank you Bruce for the new teaching in The Trinity & the Holy Spirit. Be Blessed always together with your Ministry

Marci Valente
28 days ago

Thank you Bruce for today’s introduction to the new series. God bless you all. 💞🕊🙏🌈🌎

28 days ago

I thank God Bruce that you have become part of my life. I thank you also for the booklet “Come Holy Spirit” which I received yesterday. May the Holy Spirit inspire me and increase my love of God. Bless you and your family 🙏🏻

Tracey Digman
28 days ago

Please put me in praying for Come Holy Spirit. So I can join you. [email protected]

shranima fernandes
26 days ago

When we pray to Holy Trinity, God reveals Himself, in a little way according to our grasp, the Unity in the Threeness

24 days ago

I tell you what I do, when I’m praising God for His beautiful creation I address the Father, to thank God for saving us and his great sacrifice I’m talking to Jesus, asking for enlightenment, guidance I’m talking to the Holy SPIRIT. i’m so greatful for having been introduced to God there are some people who are not so lucky

Margaret Smith
13 days ago

How do yo buy a Bible and what is the cost?