9th June - The Spirit Abides in You

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John T
14 days ago

Hi Bruce, yes there was a lot to take in but it was a fantastic explanation 🤗🙏
Thank you and God’s blessings Amen 🙏

Ursel Mihelcic
14 days ago

Thank you

Suzanne Pretorius
14 days ago

Thank you for making God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit more real and a relationship with the Holy Trinity more powerful. I am praying for you to make the best decision for your ministry. I am a teacher in High School in South Africa. It is difficult here now with the virus. The hospitals in our region are full and the kids still behave recklessly. Please pray for me so that I stay strong and grow closer to God and really experience the power of the Holy Spirit in my life and be a witness to the kids I teach.… Read more »

Reply to  Suzanne Pretorius
14 days ago

Perfectly expressed, Suzanne. May God Bless your efforts abundantly. From a fellow South African and retired teacher.

13 days ago

Thanks for the Holy Spirit series. You have explained it so beautifully. I understand now better than I ever have . You are a blessing in my life.

Marci Valente
13 days ago

Thank you Bruce. Have a blessed and Spirit filled day. 💞🙏🕊

13 days ago

Thank you Bruce for explaining more clearly who the Holy Spirit is, where the Holy Spirit abides and His important role He has WITHIN US. Thank you for clarifying what actually takes place with the Holy Spirit In the Sacraments of Baptism and Confirmation for me and IN ME as a Catholic! May the Lord keep blessing you, Rosemary and all who are dedicated to this ministry, abundantly!!! Looking forward to tomorrow’s message Bruce! Bye for now!

Lucy Kimani
13 days ago

Thank you Bruce for always give us new explanation in the teaching. Good Bible Versus and well explained words. God Bless you always.

Joyce Pope
13 days ago

When you were discussing “What are your gifts.” I really began to reflect on my gifts from the Holy Spirit. I love helping people. Our widow neighbor was my maternity nurse 38 years ago. How ironic that we would become neighbors. I reach out to her and prepare meals for her. It is one of my happiest moments when I can help someone. I also love to bake for other neighbors too. So I know that the Holy Spirit has given me multiple gifts but this is the one that in predominant in my life. Thank you for your ministry.

13 days ago

Hello Bruce

Thankyou so much for thus series onThe Holy Spirit. Your explanation and Presentation each day has given me such a better understanding and enlivened my Catholic Faith .

You truly are gifted with The Holy Spirit.

God bless you and your ministry


12 days ago


Melissa Gee
1 day ago

Thank you