24 May - Receive the Holy Spirit

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Jean Merron
3 years ago

I’ve never thought of reading the book of Act’s I must start next week thank you Bruce

Deanna Francke
3 years ago

Thank you Bruce I thoroughly enjoyed the preparation for Pentecost & your preaching on Pentecost Sunday. I am looking forward to receiving the Holy Spirit more abundantly into my life & looking forward to these sessions on Receiving the Holy Spirit. I have started to call on the Holy Spirit to come down on me every hour like you do. I have already been through the Book of Acts but since you insist I will read it again noting the work of the Holy Spirit. May God Bless you, Rosemary & the team abundantly with all the resources so that… Read more »

Valerie Simms
3 years ago

Thank you Bruce for this practical and enlightening message!!! KEEP PRAYING I shall do!!! And yes I’m reading 1 chapter a day in the Book of Acts and highlighting the Holy Spirit when ever I see Him written down. And yes I shall observe to notice what He is actually doing,giving,directing,showing. So that I’m not just reading for reading sake, but in order that God’s Word can come ALIVE! May the Lord continue to bless you abundantly Bruce, you and all who work in this special ministry! May the Lord bless your wife and all who work in her special… Read more »

Lisa Dreyer
3 years ago

I am so excited. Amen

3 years ago

Thank you Bruce for your videos everyday I look forward t them 🙂
May you be blessed for God to continue to work through you to us Looking especially forward to the bible sessions as have never had any.

Lucia Mdlaose
3 years ago

Hello Bruce and team, Thank you all to provide subtitle on video which is much earlier access for Hearing Impaired people like me to read subtitle helps better more about God and his beloved son Jesus, for that I thank you. Another thing where and how to read basic bible? Stay Blessed

3 years ago

🔥🙏🏻 Come Holy Spirit and fill me!

3 years ago

Thank you so much ,help and encourage us to pray

Rose Jakovcevic
3 years ago

Thank you Bruce I have thoroughly enjoyed your videos everyday. Do you sell the The Book of Acts? I want to start reading it.

3 years ago

amen amen — looking forward to the series .

Marci Valente
3 years ago

Thank you for beginning our week with this lesson on the Holy Spirit, God bless you with abundant love and prayers. 💞🕊🔥🙏

3 years ago

When I begin my prayers I start out by saying
“Come Holy Spirit fill me up draw me closer to my Lord! Come Holy Spirit”

Debra johbson
3 years ago

I could not get the voice on May 24

Lorraine Jack
3 years ago

I would love to join your Zoom meeting to learn about how to read the Bible. I am going to read the first chapter of ACTS tonight. Thank you Mr. Downes. May God bless you and your beautiful family 🙏🙏

Marilyn Hobson
3 years ago

can you help find the bible I can read and understand?

Ursel Mihelcic
3 years ago