19th July - The Holy Spirit Rests on You

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Denise Cecil
2 years ago

Thank you once again for you daily devotion I look forward to it daily

colleen symmes
Reply to  Denise Cecil
2 years ago

Bruce I am so moved by ur talks, it moves my soul, truely brings me too tears many times. Thank You and please dont stop any time soon, I so look forward too you!! Im 75 years old and alone my husband is in a nursing home and for the first time in 57 years of Marriage Im Alone. You talks of The Holy Spirit and ur stories of ur climb too realizing How Amazing Our Dear Lord is , Has helped me get throug these last couple of months. God Bless You.Colleen Symmes.

Judi Walker
2 years ago

Such a powerful message Bruce. Because of you I am rising early every morning to seek the holy spirit and enrich my relationship with the the Father. I long for more and am expectant. Holy Spirit come.

2 years ago

I really enjoy the daily devotions. It’s a great way to start my day.

Raymond Russo
2 years ago

Dear Bruce thank you for your clear explanation of that chapter in the Gospel of Luke…it is much clearer to me now…

2 years ago

Thank you Bruce for challenging me and encouraging me at the same time with this TIMELY MESSAGE! I’ll let you know Bruce, that I accidently picked out of a bag an Italian booklet entitled Daily Bread. The booklet has the daily Readings for Mass and would be a couple of years old.Out of nostalgia I opened the book and read a page with the exact scripture passage that was for yesterday’s Sunday Gospel Reading Mark 6: 30 -34. Now I read the Italian booklet if I’m not mistaken Friday and only looked at the Sunday Readings on Sunday! The Daily… Read more »

Ursel Mihelcic
2 years ago

Thank you

Lucy Kimani
2 years ago

Thank you Bruce for your encouraging Word of God. Blessed Monday!

Joan Page
2 years ago

In the past when you did the sign of the cross you said, From my head to my heart…please remind me the rest. I teach religion classes and want to tell my students. Thank you for your daily messages as I start each day! God bless you! Joan

Bruce Downes
Reply to  Joan Page
2 years ago

Hi Joan

From my head to my heart
Across the entirety of my life
May the power and the victory
Of the cross
Be upon me
And within me.

Reply to  Bruce Downes
2 years ago

And you can tell that it IS! Big deposit He expects a big return🤗🕊

Sandra Purcell (ADMIN)
Reply to  Joan Page
2 years ago

Hi Joan
From my head to my heart, across the entirety of my life, may the victory of the cross be on me and in me. Amen

2 years ago

Am moving after many years and finding change difficult. Your daily devotion renews my spirit. Thank you! In listening to you, I’m reminded it’s OK to ask the Holy Spirit to help us and to guide us. “Thy will be done”.

Marci Valente
2 years ago

Thank you Bruce, you surely are a blessing to us all. Have a spirit filled week. Amen💞🙏🕊🌎

Joy Caccavale
2 years ago

First and foremost I want to say that ever since Lent, I have learned so much and have dedicated each day to listening to your messages, which really are His messages aren’t they?! I do, however, want to be a tad picky, as I have found this distracting to me. When portions of scripture are put up on the screen, in referencing Jesus in the pronoun him, Him is not capitalized. It is my feeling that it should always be capitalized! Now I know it may seem like a criticism, but just to underscore this, I have written several times… Read more »

2 years ago

Thank you Bruce for another of your daily inspirations talks……but ‘How do we pray?’ apart from the traditional prayers eg. the Lord’s Prayer that we grew up with plus prayers for family & friends, I’ve always wondered how else to pray. I did order the book on the Holy Spirit but still waiting 🌺

Anthony Caruso
2 years ago

Bruce, With the lord calling my wife to him, I have increased my daily prayer time with him. I am asking the lord to keep me in the state of his grace so I will continue to be close to him.

2 years ago

Thank you Bruce, I needed to hear that again.