Living a Great Life

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2 years ago

Thank you Bruce. As always a wonderful message on our turning back to God & living as he created us to be. God bless you & your teams Ministry.

Antoinette Zammit
2 years ago
  1. Thank you Bruce for your talks it makes me a better person.God bless you.
2 years ago

Thank you Bruce thought provoking and at the same time spoken lovingly.I ask in Jesus name to bless your wonderful work of bringing Him more closely to each of us.

sally clemens
Reply to  Catherine
2 years ago

Thank you so much amazing message enjoy the weekly sessions. Every Blesing to you Bruce Rosemary and your team.

2 years ago

Thank you Bruce for another great message which I will have to try and finish tomorrow,although I would rather stay and watch all of the message and write down all I want to remember!!! So I’ll be definitely here again tomorrow after the Daily Devotional as well trying to finish A Chat With Rosemary!!! What great messages I’ve been watching and listening today!!! I love them all!!! God bless you Bruce and Rosemary and all who do such great work for the ministry! Bye for now!

Lucy Kimani
2 years ago

Happy Feast of The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Jones Ruth
2 years ago

You were so good today and on point about being in GOOD STANDING with GOD….. RIGHTEOUSNESS WITH HIM !!!! Thank you Bruce for doing GOD WORK!!! GOD BLESS !!!!!

2 years ago

I know you are trying something new but just want to tell you that I find the backdrop very distracting. I Like it when it’s not so busy.

Susan Young
2 years ago

God bless you and your team ubundantly.
I thank God for His righteousness. Between your message, Rosemary and Emma I am very encouraged. I listen to all your teaching

2 years ago