Advent 2020 - Day 18

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Martin Aniah
3 years ago

Thank you Brother Bruce for supporting me and my family in our Christian Life.

3 years ago

Jesus, come to me

Michael Siebel
3 years ago

hello Bruce and Rosemary firstly, thank you kindly for your beautiful blessed thoughts,gift and kind wishes,i really appreciate your thoughtfulness. i realise that this year must have been exceedingly trying however I agree that we have no idea what Our Lord has planned for your wonderful ministry. I am certain it brings countless blessings to people from all over the world…please excuse me for preaching as it should be the other way around ,however your Ministry is very special and I just know that your Ministry will not just survive but grow to very great heights!! Wish you both a… Read more »

Valerie Simms
3 years ago

Thank you for reminding me Bruce that this season is all about a closer and deeper encounter with Jesus! Thank you and God bless you for this message today!!! I’ll be seeing you too Bruce tomorrow!

Sonya Cupido
3 years ago

Thank you Bruce for a wonderful msge in Advent and that I can be part of the every day ministry. Thank You for prayers. Lord Jesus please come to me.

God bless Bruce and Rosemary