Start Strong - Day 7

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John McCabe
2 years ago

What you have said Bruce is very true, I have a small copy of the Divine Office I like to Pray morning and Night with, everything we say or do Our Lord is always there. Each time I ask Jesus He is there that sweet inner voice that speaks to you. Thank you, Bruce.

2 years ago

Bruce, I listened tot the prayer and teaching service yesterday and again today. I wonder if I got the right video because it was about Pentecost Sunday, and yesterday was actually the Baptism of Our Lord. I wonder if there was a special message for me here? I lis tened all the way through, but I also realise it was the older format. I listen and pray with all your services and find great comfort in them. Thanks Bruce and Rosemary and team.

Bruce O'Ehley
2 years ago

Amen, enjoying talks⁸

Valerie Simms
2 years ago

Thank you Bruce for encouraging us in this message to see and experience God in our life, in our everyday life. To be aware of His presence around us not just in prayer, not just in Church, wherever we are!!! Thank you for reminding me, as it is so easy to be distracted!!! Most of the time it is over trivial things for me! How Good is our God who is so patient, forgiving and understanding, He sure knows our weaknesses and frailties!!! God bless you abundantly Bruce and YES I WANT TO SEE THE SUNDAY SERVICE I MISSED TONIGHT!!!

Anne Setteducate
2 years ago

Amen Bruce. I spend the beginning of my day going to God, talk to Him & read the Psalms ( for now).