8th July - Who Do I Pray To?

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Rev. Richard Lyons
22 days ago

I wish to thank you for focussing on the Trinity, especially the Holy Ghost. He is the (sadly) forgotten Person of the Divine Person.
I am an old man, I have lived my life for the Tri-Une Deity.
Again, thanks for this entire series.

Ursel Mihelcic
22 days ago


22 days ago

Thanks, Bruce, for a wonderful and easy to understand explanation. I have a daily prayer for priests and now I see how it is addressed to each person of the Holy Trinity for different things but ultimately to one God. The first is to God to look with mercy on His priests, sharing His Fatherhood in the Church; the second is to the Son who has made them priests and victims with himself in the Eucharistic sacrifice, and the third is to the Holy Spirit to make them zealous in their priestly ministry. It finishes with To you, O Holy… Read more »

22 days ago

Thank you Bruce for this series that is so special and such a mystery; The Holy Trinity and the Holy Spirit. This series must have been the most difficult to explain Bruce! Nevertheless you did an excellent job! I will take your advice Bruce and get the Nicene Creed and pray to God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. I will spend time reflecting upon the words and praying. Thank you Bruce! God bless you and Rosemary and all who work in the ministries ABUNDANTLY for all that you do for me and all around the… Read more »

22 days ago

This was great, thank you sooo much!! God bless.

Marci Valente
22 days ago

Thank you Bruce and company for this series on the Holy Spirt. You have blessed us all with your teaching and going deeper into the Word of God and simplyfing it for us. God bless you all. Blessed day💞🙏🕊🌎

22 days ago

Your love of God shows through so brightly! May others desire to seek Him as you have! Be very blessed for being so diligent in serving Him! You reinforce everything I believe, to be able to call God, “Father”, melts my heart …Thank you Jesus for that greatest privilege!🕊

22 days ago

Please pray for a co- worker, Cindy, who suffered a brain aneurysm yesterday. She had a surgery and made it through the night. We pray as her husband sends updates.

22 days ago

Prayer is needed for my coworker who was airlifted for surgery on a brain aneurysm yesterday. Her name is Cindy Wilson.

Edwin Albert Pope
22 days ago

Yes Bruce, God understands us and if we pray to God that’s good for He is the Creator over all from the beginning (alpha) and the end (omega). Next, for everyone, we pray to Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior who saved us from sin by His death on the cross, and His Resurrection giving us new life. Equally, we pray to Holy Spirit to help us, counsel, and guide us. But God does not mind if we pray to Jesus or the Holy Spirit, when, we should have directed our pray to Him, just as long as we pray… Read more »

Lucy Kimani
21 days ago

Thank you Bruce for well explained Word “I Believe”. Blessed Thursday!

21 days ago

It is so good to hear you explain how and who we can pray to. It is always mind bending to try to understand this. Pure faith I go on this one.

Lorraine Jack
21 days ago

Thank you for this series on the Trinity, Mr. Downes. I am really enjoying it. This brings to mind a visual we once did to try to explain The Trinity using oil, water and honey. By pouring some of each into a jar in this order and giving it a good shake demonstrated the oneness of the 3 when mixed together. Then when left to settle demonstrated the 3 separate entities. May God bless you, Rosemary and your Family 🙏💖🙏

20 days ago

My heart goes out to “Mary”, that God will bless her with energy and that He will strengthen her muscles that she will be able to walk more each day. God Blesings.