How to be Led Like Jesus Was - 25th July

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1 year ago

Thank you Bruce for your prayer to the Holy Spirit for us, & May that Same Holy Spirit Bless, Guide & Protect you in your Ministry. 🙏

1 year ago

🙏🏻Thank you

Patti Grandolfo
1 year ago

With a grateful heart, I pray, Come Holy Spirit 🙏🕊️

1 year ago

Thank you Bruce I needed to hear this message!!! Thank you Bruce that I could join you in your prayer to the Holy Spirit right now, to our Loving Father and to our Lord, God and Saviour, Jesus Christ. What a Great Loving and Mighty God we have!!! May the Lord keep blessing you Bruce, Rosemary, your Spirit filled wife and all who do such good work for the Lord and for all of us in these wonderful ministries!

1 year ago

Heartfelt and such beauty… who could ever resist surrendering a life for a NewLife with Him!!! Be very blessed for every endeavor to serve Him and may people be open to receive all He has in store for them!

Kathy higdon
1 year ago

Thank you Bruce for praying for us and with us today!

Gloria Young
1 year ago

Thank Bruce for all these wonderful devotions of the scriptures. God Bless you, Rosemary and the team.

Kathy O’Connor
1 year ago

Thank you Bruce. May the Holy Spirit led and guide you in all things. Your Ministry is touching so many. You are a blessing.

1 year ago

Come Holy Spirit! You are truly Spirit filled dear Bruce! 🙏💖May your beautiful ministry continue to open hearts to the Holy Spirit 🙂👍

1 year ago

Thanks Bruce for a very spiritual prayer

1 year ago

Holy Spirt ❤️Please come upon Bruce&Rosemary ♥️and Team ♥️and keep them Healthy ❤️ Safe😊and Sound ❤️. Thank You Holy Spirt for Your Love ❤️ and Compassion ❤️. Amen 🙏

1 year ago

Thank you

Jean Merron
1 year ago

I welcomed the holy spirit in me aling time husband died on monday i feel lost i need to know where he is where hes gone

Bernard marrian
Reply to  Jean Merron
1 year ago


1 year ago

Thank you, Bruce, for your teaching on the Holy Spirit. It helps me to better understand the Spirit and its guidance. I have known the guidance and working of the Holy Spirit in my life since 1973. I am 85 years of age and depend upon Him daily to help me walk with the aid of a walker, to keep me on my feet. You are helping me to understand the Holy Spirit more in dept.