How to Encounter Jesus - 6th September

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1 year ago

Good morning Bruce, yesterdays devotional was quite profound. It moved me to share your story and my experience with my children and grandchildren.
it is so true when you encounter Jesus he changes you.
I had a dream many years ago on Jesus standing at the end of my bed beckoning me. It changed my life.
I have really valued your devotions, some of my family have had negative experiences in the Catholic Church, to hear you is a breathe of life, that I have been able to share with them

1 year ago


Elvira Medina
1 year ago

I’ve just placed an order for the Prayer book to the Holy Spirit. I’ll be anxiously waiting for it to arrive at my house.
Asking for prayers for my grandsons to get to know Jesus and to go to a church.
Also prayers for my daughter ‘s health, that the migraine headaches go away.
For myself also for my knees to be able to replace the one that’s bad.
Thank you.

Reply to  Elvira Medina
1 year ago

🙏 and please pray for my grandchildren as well! Our prayers will be answered!!! Prayers for healing for you and your daughter! May they want the joy and peace you received from knowing Him and how very much He loves all even those who don’t believe yet

1 year ago

Hi Bruce&Rosemary and Team I feel like I have known You All for a long time because You have made My Spiritual life so much more understanding in the Spirit of the Holy Family.And I have been told I have helped many People ❤️. Thank You All and May God ❤️ and His Holy Family ❤️Continue Blessing 🙏 You All. Sincerely Robert ❤️😊

Lourdes V. Sales
1 year ago

Thanks Bruce for your uplifting daily reflections which becomes my inspiration and guide for my day.

I have just ordered the Prayer Book and hope to receive it soonest.

Requesting for prayers for the healing of my granddaughter’s heart condition and for my son-in-law to know, love and serve God and for him to embrace the Catholic Faith. Prayers too for the safety and good health of all the members of my family. May God bless us all!

Willaim Knott
1 year ago

I want 10 prayer books

Kathy higdon
1 year ago

Bruce you have a way of making me feel Jesus next to me ! Thank you

Marjorie Jobb
1 year ago

Good night

I enjoyed listening your messages about God I don’t want to miss out nightly devotions
Thank you