Doing His Will - 18th October

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7 months ago

That was a powerful message!! So much to take in, but little by little, I think I get it!! Many blessings to Bruce & the team.

7 months ago

Thank you again, Bruce, for this message. As I was watching the clip from your Sunday message, I felt a confirmation of some of what I do in my life. It just then occurred to me that I am doing the will of God. Me heart leaped with joy as I realized this. Thank you for allowing me to “get it” through your message. God bless!

7 months ago

Thank you Bruce for this message; in knowing God’s Will for each one of us and then DOING WHAT GOD WILLS FOR US!!! FOR ME!!! May the Lord continue to bless you Bruce, Rosemary and all those in the ministries, abundantly!!! For doing the good work that the Lord has willed you all to do!!!

7 months ago


Kathy higdon
7 months ago

Thank you for all your prayers to make us be better!