Tools to Step Into Our Future | Part 2

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Valerie Lack
1 month ago

Thank you Bruce, that was very powerful. So many helpful points you made, applicable to lifes journey.

30 days ago

Bruce I want to thank you for such an AMAZING AND POWER-FILLED MESSAGE!!! I am jotting most of what you are saying down as I believe what you are saying is VERY IMPORTANT to me!!! This has meant that I haven’t finished the whole message, but just about half!!! I will be coming back to finish writing down this message and put it ALL INTO PRACTICE!!! May God bless you ABUNDANTLY!!! And Rosemary too!!! I watched her message and prayed with her tonight too!!! I’ll be seeing you tomorrow God Willing! And may the Lord keep blessing all those who… Read more »

30 days ago

So precious are your words to many people! May we be part of the remanent to turn things around and awaken people to the grace and power living in us!!! Looking forward to hearing the words of your precious Rosemary tomorrow!!! New Year coming with New Life for those who ask!!! Ask and receive that your joy may be full!

Kathleen Walker
30 days ago

Apparently I really needed to hear this sermon today as I have been going through some very serious emotional & physical pain. Enough to make me want to contemplate doing something. But your words gave me the encouragement to journey on & ask the Lord for help with these problems. Thank you for a very inspirational message

Lucy Kimani
30 days ago

Thank you Bruce for the wonderful sermon. Have a Blessed Holy Family Sunday.

29 days ago

Thank you Bruce I am finding this message full of helpful applications!!! But I still have not finished hearing and seeing all the message yet!!! There is so much to take in and do!!! But all is very PRACTICAL, HELPFUL AND SPIRITUAL!!! Bruce you suggest if we want to break a pattern we need a friend. What happens if you haven’t got a friend at the moment that you can ask, Bruce? I haven’t got long to go to finish and hopefully I will finish tomorrow and start applying!!! I will be seeing you tomorrow Bruce, God Willing!

28 days ago

Bruce I finished watching this message and jotted down all that I could!!! Simply AMAZING!!! Thank you. Now I need to make time to reflect, pray and WRITE! Bruce I have ordered the book and can’t wait to read it and apply what you have written. This book is very timely and relevant! Just the Christmas present I needed for myself!!! In the meantime may the Lord keep blessing you Bruce, Rosemary and all who do such great work in the ministries for the glory of God and for us all as well as those you are now reaching and… Read more »