20 May - Day 7

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Elani Vaafusuaga
1 month ago

Hi Bruce, Rosemary and Crew,

Thank you all so very much for all that you do, spreading the gospel and how you simplify things. May the good Lord give strength and encouragement to you. God Bless you all????❤

Maureen Hamilton
1 month ago

Hi Bruce, I look forward every day to your message and feel such a closeness to God during and following these. You say you are inspired when you do the research and presentations. I can relate to this too when I am working with clients. So many times I am surprised at what comes out of my mouth as it is the right statement at the right time. I know God is with me and I am so grateful for this. I believe I found you through the grace of God as I would love to have a closer knowledge… Read more »

Edwin Albert Pope
Reply to  Maureen Hamilton
1 month ago

It is just pass midnight and as I page down through the comments I feel that we are one family because of Bruce’s ministry. He is special to us all and I am convinced that you stay with Bruce and his teachings you will get closer to understanding the gospels and much more. So I pray for you a greater and personal relationship with your Father in heaven, Jesus Christ who bought your freedom and the Holy Spirit sent to give you a new and exciting life. Bless you. Edwin .

Maureen Hamilton
Reply to  Edwin Albert Pope
1 month ago

Thank you Edwin for your response. I really appreciate it.
I continue to be inspired by so many people. I have just come from the church for Mass however father was away atttending a funeral so we had a simple Holy Communion ceremony which was beautiful anyway. As I move into my normal work life, I feel the blessings that will be with me throughout the day
Again thank you.

Marie Appo
1 month ago

Thank you , Bruce greatly encouraged with the message today as always .God Bless .????????

1 month ago

Just letting you know I pray every day for your ministry.God placed it on my heart to support your work,even though I am not Catholic.We are all one in Christ.

Edwin Albert Pope
Reply to  Glenis
1 month ago

Glenis, It is so good to know you, I used to be a Pentecostal (I think I still am in some ways) but now a Catholic. What I like about Bruce he is so sincere and honest that I could almost see him as a Pentecostal. What is most important is that we are all Christians, children of the One God and that makes me happy, very happy. Edwin

1 month ago

Thank you Bruce and team .May our Lord bless you all.

Valerie Simms
1 month ago

Thank you Bruce for this message that has got me deeply reflecting and desiring the Holy Spirit to fill me more deeply. This message has got me wanting to pray as soon as I’ve finished responding! Bruce I recalled early on in a response to you that I would pray for this ministry to reach out throughout the world. Not long after you began reporting, how many people around the world were tuning in to the messages! Only yesterday, I opened my Bible and read a scripture passage in Zechariah 10: 1 that I read during the time of the… Read more »

Edwin Albert Pope
Reply to  Valerie Simms
1 month ago

Valerie, so wonderful to read your comment and to know that you know the Holy Spirit in a personal way and you understand the Word of God. You are most certainly travelling in the path that God wants for you, bless you. I pray for your situation and I am convinced God will bring you through and onward in that walk giving you many exciting times with Him, your Father, Jesus Christ the One who set you free, and the Holy Spirit who will be with you always. Please use every gift He gives you. I have known the Holy… Read more »

1 month ago

Bruce … for you and your team… I am Grateful
The place I find myself this morning is a place of peace and hope.
There are challenges in my life but I know I am not alone.
These last 2 days I have been filled up…
I am renewed and ready to persevere…

Edwin Albert Pope
Reply to  Laura
1 month ago

Laura, you do not stand alone, we your brothers and sisters stand with you – we all are your family. I pray that God will help you in your challenges. Please feel free to keep us aware that we can pray for you and encourage you. It helps when you know others care and pray for you, it gives you strength and perseverance.God bless you. Edwin.

1 month ago
  • Thank you for this wonderful devotion and your prayers daily!
Kathleen Cadoret
1 month ago

Thank you, I love the daily prayers and especially the Prayer to the Holy Spirit. God Bless You, Bruce and your team.

Lavonne Benedict
1 month ago

We very much enjoy all your talks. We have a daughter that has been sick for the past year. She is back gaining her strength but is having hard time with memory and getting back to normal. No it wasn’t covid. Please pray that she gets back to where she was before health wise and that she comes back to church. Her drs said they didn’t think she’d make it so she’s very thankful to God.

Edwin Albert Pope
Reply to  Lavonne Benedict
1 month ago

Lavonne, I will pray for your daughter to be completely healed, Father please heal Lavonne’s daughter, bring her back to full health and tell her that you love her and her heart be opened that she may know you in a greater way than before and be filled with Holy Spirit. Bruce is a good man of God and he speaks the truth but he so wonderfully makes it a practical faith for walk our with God. God bless you. Edwin

1 month ago

You make a differnce every day. I enjoy listening to your messages. I pray that your ministry lives on for many years.God bless you.????????????

Paula Baker
1 month ago

Thank you Bruce & your team . You bring peace to my heart & I do feel Gods presence .
Through out the days …I say “ God moments “ happen to me .
You are a blessing to ALL of us .
Appreciate you from upstate NEW. YORK .

Mary Danburg
1 month ago

Thank you for the journey of Holy Spirit and the gospels. Prayer for you to continue for your messages of God

Rosita ollerton
1 month ago

Where can I get a Bible like yours?

1 month ago

Thank you! I look forward to your daily devotion and it has made a very positive impact in my life.

Pamela Baker
1 month ago

Thank you Bruce for your inspiration daily it has helped me so much in my daily life. I am praying so much for the Holy Spirit to come to me and feel a special connection when I pray with you. Bless you.

1 month ago

Thank you ,for this great prayer .

Inés Romo
1 month ago

Thank you Bruce and Rosemary for all you, may God bless you and keep you safe. I look forward to your messages everyday.

Suzanne Nies
1 month ago

Thank you for all
you do!

Karen Reynolds
1 month ago

Please keep doing these daily devotional.

1 month ago

Hi Bruce and Rosemary,
I found you Bruce before Lent and am enjoying your Daily Devotion.
I am retired and have grown children with so many problems and your daily lessons inspire me.
I pray for all of you.

1 month ago

Thank you for all you do !

Barbara Mclachlan
1 month ago

Thank you Bruce, I’ll be continuing to pray for you and Rosemary and the whole team.

Im feeling very blessed due to being freed from a sin of vain imaginings (fantasy stories) since my last confessjon post Easter. PRA8SE THE LORD. Im enjoying these 9 days so much. Also praying my Rosary again. The Diocese of Portsmouth (UK) have produced a lovely free Rosary booklet for praying for vocations to the priesthood and religious life. For the month of May our PP is having a live Rosary and Benediction on Sundays lovely.

Mary Kulak
1 month ago

Thankyou Bruce for all that you do and your wonderful team, God Bless You All💜

Loretta allen
30 days ago

Dear Bruce, thank good for you and all the wonderful work you and your team do for us through the Holy Spirit. I cannot get through each day without listening to your amazing messages. I ask you to please keep my husband and I in prayer as we continue to be physically separated for almost a year due to some tic and abuse issues. My 3 girls and I are able to get through only knowing fos loves us and the Holy Spirit working in us. Thanks again Bruce. Go’s bless.