Walk Without All The Details - 3rd September

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Joan condon
9 months ago

At last after seeking a little scar on day star April start of Covid long story knew the right time would come when I would share my journey with you and Rose Mary and yes this is the time The Holy Spirit I truly believe that your mission for the world I s just one person like me been thinking this is Truly what most of us have been trying to do with our littlest bit of Faith sending your message’s to who we feel game enough yes it’s working. And now is another faith mission your followers are all… Read more »

9 months ago

With you in prayer Bruce.

Patricia Smith
9 months ago

Safe travels. God bless you and everyone that is joining you on this journey. 🙏🙏

9 months ago

Praying for you Bruce in your journey to Tulsa! I’m praying for you to touch many many people and their families. Safe travels

9 months ago

May god bles you and keep you safe, may you get many more people following Jesus

Donna Redfearn
9 months ago


9 months ago

Giving hope to those who are on the edge to hang on, 👍 for some reinforcing the Truth we already know…for all of us… Fear not…Bruce and Rosemary and team this is so of God….perhaps Jesus is coming sooner than we think..🤩harvest time…We only have to speak a word in due season to capture the hearts of many! Be very blessed…

Mary Elise
9 months ago

Wow that message came out of the blue for me. But it spoke to my journey about the next step before I was aware I needed a next step.Thank you, God bless, and safe flight.

9 months ago

“Thy will be done!” Safe travels!