29 April - 5 Ways to Pray the Resurrection

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9 days ago

love the 5 prayers of the resurrection: overcome, set free, LOVED, victorious, free/ Always feel God’s presence in your videos.

Ursel Mihelcic
9 days ago

hank you

Lisa Dreyer
9 days ago

Thank you so much for this powerful message. I am blessed to hear your messages. Amen.

Valerie Simms
9 days ago

Thank you Bruce for yet another special, practical and yet spiritual message that is most helpful! I will be writing this down, not only in my Daily Devotional Journal, but also in my personal book that I carry with me, in order to remind me. In this case, in order to pray the 5 Ways Resurrection Prayer daily!The Ministry I try to remember to pray for also every day and all the members in this special Ministry. I thank the Lord for you Bruce, Rosemary, Sandra, John, Simon, Justin, Michaela and the new gentleman who is a great musician, and… Read more »

Ursel Mihelcic
9 days ago


9 days ago

I wish I could help with support, but at the moment I am not able but I will hold your ministry in prayer and share it with everyone of my friends in the hope others will be in a financial place where they can give in support. I am enjoying the sessions and have learned so much. Your messages are a God sent gift that I have been seeking for in a long while.
God bless you where you are at.

Brian Digby
9 days ago

Thank you the Downes team, that was truly inspirational. God Bless you all!

9 days ago

Thanks Bruce! You do a great job.

9 days ago

We are greatly loved! We are lacking nothing! Remember the widow, nothing is to small to give when given with love and gratitude! Give a dollar… be a small part of something so pleasing to Our Father and God will supply! Bruce you, your family and team make a difference I. These most difficult days!!

Marci Valente
9 days ago

Thank you Bruce for your ongoing ministry that helps us to strengthen our faith daily. We are truly blessed. Have a blessed Thursday.🙏✝️🌈🕊

jill Rietmeyer
8 days ago

The five prayers of Victory , freedom and I can over come was very powerful Bruce most of all loved.
Thank you

Carla Villafana
8 days ago

Oh wow!!! I was laying in bed 2 nights ago wondering if I could request a session about Mary Our Blessed Mother. Wow! I followed the Glorious Mysteries with your group last night. Here we are this morning and you are announcing your sessions on Our Lady. Thank you.

Maureen Green
8 days ago

Lovely to have my emails back.
It was good to have You Tube to fall back on, but even better to get my emails from you Bruce. Looking g forward to th 7 habits of Mary. Thank you so much for your talks.

Jean Merron
8 days ago

I find that I’m moved to tears in good Friday by a hymen jesus my lord is crucified this really moves me

Sally Koester
8 days ago

I’m looking forward to the Blessed Virgin Series!!! Love the month of May which is also my birthday month!

Lucy Kimani
8 days ago

Thank you Bruce for the five words to use when praying. Be Blessed always.

Edwin Albert Pope
8 days ago

The Five ways to pray are very good, thank you Bruce. I am reminded of years ago when I was an engineer on a ship. Some nights, when off duty, I would stand at the stern of the ship and watch the sparkling foam streaming away into the darkness. The foam was caused by the propeller of the ship and its sparkle was from the light of the moon. I would remember all the victory won for me sin, no longer having power over me, I am free to choose my life in Jesus Christ, not by demand just free… Read more »

Miriam Hancock
6 days ago

As Jesus was dying on the cross he saw his mother, Mary and John, his disciple at the foot of the cross and he says, Mother this is your son and then he says to John, behold your mother. John then takes Jesus’ mother into his home where she lives for the rest of her days. I believe this is an indication that we all need to take Our Lady, Mary, mother of God into our homes.