Renew Yourself by Saying Yes Again

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Jeanette Easton
3 years ago

Bruce I do not comment every day because I would just be saying the same thing every day, you are making my relationship and everyone who listens to you I am sure their relationship with God just so special and fulfilling. You say things that I know I would never think of or even say to God and I am or THOUGHT I was a very committed Catholic. Thank you for sharing parts of your life as it is so helpful on reflecting on our lives. You certainly a man of God and I feel so Blessed that you are… Read more »

John T
3 years ago

Hi Bruce, what an inspiration you are and what a truly inspirational message you delivered, there is truth beyond belive in what you have said this morning, just when I think I’m moving forward in my faith you add a new dimension to bring me closer to God, on my faith journey God bless you, your family and team

Sina Carvalho
3 years ago

Hey Bruce- Everyday I think what else has Bruce got to share with us and you sure surprise me
You give me food for thought and I thank you for your inspirational messages