THE WEEKLY | Holiness is Doing His Will

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Anne Lombardo
21 days ago

I do not have the words for this Impacters. All I can tell you is I have used the entire box of tissues. Thank you Bruce your words always touch my heart and my soul.

Shirley Jenner
Reply to  Anne Lombardo
21 days ago

It was so beautiful and sad and raw xx

21 days ago

thank you for sharing so transparently! yes, it is always the question – why does God allow difficult things? something that helps me is knowing that i am not alone in the hard things. Jesus experienced hard things (look at all the hard things he experienced just on the night before his crucifixion!) because of these experiences, he is there in my hard things and understands. when i ask why, i really want a pass. if perfect Jesus didn’t get a pass from experiencing hard things, why should i? and many of my hard things are of my own doing.… Read more »

21 days ago

Wow! I have several things to do today but I chose to put them all off for a few more minutes so that I could listen to this weekly. It was the right decision. Thank you for guiding me thru this reflection. I am deeply touched by your sharing & the insight I have gained. I pray that you have joy, peace of mind & continue your wonderful work. God bless you, your wife & your entire family.
Thank you…

Shirley Jenner
21 days ago

Thank you for sharing your story. I pray that I follow where Jesus leads, even though I have no idea what to do or be. I pray that I’ll hear His commands.

Greg Hickcox
21 days ago

Thank you Bruce.
Thank you God for being in my life and never giving up on me.
I love Dear God and will always need you to be with me forever.
Amen 🙏

Grace Hope
20 days ago

What a powerful weekly message ot took me to a whole new level of view and purpose wnd step out of my comfort zone to God’s purpose for my wnd my family life I don’t want any of them to become less of themselves thanks do much what a blessing