THE WEEKLY | How Do We Find God Deeply?

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2 months ago

Thank you Bruce! Praying that the message is received and God fills their hearts at the Chicago meeting!!!!

Valerie Lack
2 months ago

Dear Bruce, please pray for Spiritual healing for all our family. For my husband and I and our five children and children in law and our eleven grandchildren and our great grandchildren in law and one great grandchild. Pray for our family members who are suffering physical afflictions
I thank you deeply my Lord and God

Raffaella Librandi
2 months ago

Faith can move mountains and allows us to do the impossible because nothing will be impossible for God, Bruce you exemplify just that.

Ursel Mihelcic
2 months ago

Thank you very powerful

2 months ago

Good Morning Bruce. Please pray for my friends mom who recently had her voice box removed due to cancer. Pray for my friends mom who will undergo surgery in Mexico. THank you so much and have a blessed day.

Donna Redfearn
2 months ago


Julia Hayes
2 months ago

Thank you for the very insightful and inspirational talk it’s something I needed to hear today..I was very unsettled and your words help me to discern and open my heart…

Vivienne Chapman
2 months ago

Hi Bruce, can you please put that prayer you & Rosemary & Ministry team say twice daily, on the screen, so we can all say it with you, so God will visit us all. Many thanks Blessings 🙏🙏 for you.

2 months ago

Bruce, we pray your prayer in the beginning of our weekly (Ecumenical) Meditation Group (World Community of Christian Mediators).

Shirley Jenner
2 months ago

The reason men travel lightly is because everything is in the wife’s bag…