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2 years ago

Hi Bruce, I’ve tried to register for Rosemary’s weekend ministry but a window comes up saying: Microsoft Outlook does not recognize the email address. Any suggestions? Many thanks and God Bless, Jeanne

2 years ago

Hi Bruce, Please ignore my previous message. Have just subscribed to Rosemary’s weekend ministry via an email received/seen after posting my message here. Many thanks and God Bless, Jeanne

Valerie Simms
2 years ago

Thank you Bruce for this challenging message today. Yes we do live in times where we are quick to criticize and judge people.It’s so easy to make fun and ridicule! I will have to admit I do this only to realise later what I have just done! My intention is to encourage laughter but can be taken another way!This is one to confess and repent! But when is it appropriate Bruce to speak up, speak out when an injustice is done and keeping silent does nothing to stop the wrong? Rather let the wrong continue? When does the means justify… Read more »