Prayer Through Jesus - 14th September

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1 year ago

The daily devotional today was exactly what I needed, sometimes we need a little nudge to pray & ask God for things right now. So I place my wants in front of Him. Many thanks.

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1 year ago


Kathy higdon
1 year ago

Thank you for all the prayers for all of his flock amen!

1 year ago


1 year ago

Thank you Bruce!!! I needed to pray to our Loving Father, to His Beloved Son Jesus Christ, to our Great Paraclete Holy Spirit right now!!! Concerning my present situation that our Lord God already knows and knows what needs to be done! He has the perfect plan! I just need to listen to what His Will is. And you are right Bruce!!! Sometimes it is difficult to know. Then follow His Will and put it into ACTION!!! May the Lord keep blessing you abundantly Bruce, Rosemary and those in the ministries who are doing such good work for the Lord… Read more »

1 year ago

Today I want to pray for the needs that are in my heart through Jesus to God Our Father and for all those in need of prayers. Like that bird on the screen, we are just one dot of many, but to God we are unique and his. He knows how important we are and like Bruce always says, He knows exactly where we are. He needs us to spread his word of LOVE. Thank you God for always being there for us, for me.

1 year ago

Healing for my daughter Mary an my husband, Larry

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1 year ago


Sandi Francis
1 year ago

3 days ago I asked for prayer for my 96 year old mother to be kept comfortable as she had lingered through a brutal painful Alzheimer’s illness and had not been able to swallow for 2 weeks. God answered the prayers and made her comfortable and as we prayed over her…..her eyes popped open and she focused towards the right then left. back to the right then looked straight up, relaxed and died in our arms. We were witness to her transition to her ever after…… mom had been completely blind for 2 years put could focus for her journey.… Read more »

Reply to  Sandi Francis
1 year ago

💕thank you for sharing! Knowing she is in your future.. you were very blessed to have her with you for so long! Life here on earth with Him and Heaven too!! How very much He loves each of us even those who don’t yet believe!!!

Patti Grandolfo
1 year ago

Thank you for the constant reminder of how important our prayer life is, and to just be in the presence of God. May our prayers be answered and his will be done. Thank you and your ministry for your constant prayers for all of us, as I remember all of you in mine. Thank you Lord Jesus 🙏🕊️❤️

Nancy Temple
1 year ago

Thank You Bruce for the Beautiful prayer!! Tears in my eyes!! Touched my Soul!! Praying for complete healing for my mother Juliette ( diagnosed with uterine cancer).
Praying for a Miracle!! Amen 🙏

Mary Beaty
1 year ago

Dear Bruce Thank you for this mornings prayer! That is what I prayed this morning but you Said it so eloquently I prayed it with you. So uplifting, beautiful. My heart mind and soul was quenched with your message of September 14, 2022. It was as though the lord wanted me to hear you to reinforce my belief trust and love for Him through you. God bless you for what you do. I needed to hear this today its what my heart desired so badly. Your words seeped into my heart when I heard you say God know what we… Read more »

1 year ago

Prayers for little Anna and my sister Trila.

Rosanna Bruni
1 year ago

Thank you Bruce for praying with us this morning. May God bless you.


1 year ago

I committed John 14:6 to memory as a boy sixty years ago, but you brought a whole new dimension to this vital verse.