Turn Aside to God - 24th November

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12 days ago

I agree that this Advent will be amazing. Thank you so much for your leadership. Love and blessings, Deborah

Rebotile Violet Morobe
12 days ago

Thanks Bruce please for my son to go back to church

12 days ago

I am looking forward to the daily messages on the season of Advent! Thank you for presenting it to us.

Pat Bertasso
12 days ago

Thank you Bruce for your Inspiring messages which helps me in my journey to become a better person. I am 80 years old and not able to go to church hence I look forward to the Daily Devotional messages.

12 days ago

Bruce thank you for this timely message about turning aside from our daily activities in order that the Lord may reveal Himself more clearly and more deeply to us/me, this coming Advent. By turning aside and sharing precious time in prayer with our Loving God, I may experience His Great Love He has for me!!! How Wonderful Bruce! And to hear what the Lord is calling me to after these weeks of Advent, is a great incentive and encouragement for me!!! May the Lord continue to bless you Bruce, Rosemary and those in the ministry with you, during these Special… Read more »

12 days ago

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Reply to  Mary
11 days ago

Amen 🙏 Happy Thanksgiving Mary !!

12 days ago

Thanks for giving us the word of God everyday may ur leardship flourish in da kingdom of our almighty god
God bless u both wit his mighty blessings from above

Royal David
12 days ago

Thank you Bruce! Happy Thanksgiving!

11 days ago

Thank You 🙏😊 and Happy Thanksgiving Bruce&Rosemary and Team 😊.

Mary Winter
11 days ago

Thank you Bruce, I’m looking forward to this journey! It was your Lenten program I found on instagram that changed my walk with God. I am grateful.

jeff morris
11 days ago

when I don”t want anything but be lazy……Bruce’s daily devotionals with the Holy Spirit working thru him “SPEAKS” and I get going. Blessings

11 days ago

Wishing you, Rosemary, & your family a very Blessed & Happy Thanksgiving! Thank you Bruce for sharing Gods word daily to all of us.Looking forward to the Advent messages coming up!

11 days ago

Hi Bruce, I took your advice and sent a message to my rather large family. Here is the message I wrote:- Hello everyone, As we move closer to one of the big events of the year, my thoughts have taken me closer to the reasons for the importance of this time. Our life becomes busy with the special activities etc. It was about this time several years ago that I heard about this chap Bruce Downs. I have been listening to him fairly regularly and he helps me get through the busy days and at times brings me back to… Read more »

11 days ago

I have been praying for healing for years. I am so low and depressed there is no improvement in my horrible condition it is in fact worsening every day. I have given up on the medical profession they have no answers i was hoping for a miracle that is what i need please pray for me. feeling low and disillusioned sorry to say

10 days ago

I am so excited to start Advent with you and your ministry.