Change Your Thinking Change Your Life

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Jo micallef
18 days ago

Thank you. Jo

17 days ago

I remember when our son was 3 or 4, we took him to Christmas Mass. He was behaving much like a typical 4 yo boy. He got restless, and his dad, grandparents and I did our best to keep him occupied. Well, as Mass ended, the man in front of us (who was also a father!), turned and gave us a piece of his mind because we had brought our son to church. One of the things I have done since then, to reassure parents of a restless child, is to tell them that we have “been there, done that”,… Read more »

Sina Carvalho
16 days ago

Loved your message. So much food for thought. I loved the way you bring the right scripture into context. Have forwarded to my family and friends too. Will definately listen to it again as I have not yet grasped the whole message. I could not find the handouts. Please help me find it.

Marie Agatha
14 days ago

Thank you

14 days ago

Where do I find the message….all I see are replies to people who have written a review…..ty….
God bless….

Dale Ardoin
Reply to  Mary
13 days ago

Well said, thank you.

Richard A. Wright
12 days ago

I would like to join in to the discussion