Changing Our Circumstances for Good

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Carmen Sylvester
5 months ago

Powerful and positive teaching. Thank you.

Martin Aniah
5 months ago

Thank you Brother Bruce Downes, I appreciate all that you do for me and all believers. We pray for you and your team for remembering us in your prayers. May God give you long life to be an inspiration to me. Amen.

Cheryl O'Grady
5 months ago

Thankyou Bruce for “keeping going”. This msg is a msg of hope and substance. So appreciative.!

John T
5 months ago

Thanks Bruce for this powerful message when using a simple passage from scripture and transforming to things we can do to move forward with our lives and not be stagnant
God bless you and your family and team

5 months ago

Wise and wonderful teaching. Thank you.

5 months ago

You are an inspiration

Margaret Voigt
5 months ago

I thank you Bruce for this amazing powerful message that you presented to us with such assurance. It is difficult to ignore naysayers, particularly when they are family and friends like you said, and to keep standing for what you know is right regardless. But with God’s help somehow I do that every day.

5 months ago

Powerful !
The fire of God is in you. We must all remain in Jesus and be positive. This time although difficult now will pass. God bless us all

Chizoba olikeze
5 months ago


Makondo Nick
5 months ago

This is great you should help me in prayers I am in a serious misfortune and financial difficulty hope to have breakthrough soon God will never fail me

John Edward Ollis
5 months ago

Godson Abraham
5 months ago

This is glorious

Helen Dunkwu
5 months ago

What marvels the Lord worked for us, indeed we were glad.

Tuesday joseph
5 months ago

i will like to say this bruce your word are incorragen and u have a lovely band group, i like to be part of the group thanks and God bless u all,

Tuesday joseph
5 months ago

Pray for me man of God, to overcome charlingest in my life and the life of my family, i need a brake through in financies and to know God in my life and the life of my family amen, i am the first son of my father and i am carring the bording of my family pray to God to see me through, amen.

5 months ago

Awesome praises and worship songs.

Odeh Christopher
5 months ago

A man have to clamp at least 3 mountain before he or she can survive,
1: mountain of plan
2: mountain of test of life
3: mountain of prosperity
Dear father in heaven I have already clamp the mountains of plan, I have also clamp the mountain of test of life, please don’t let me end my life on the mountain of test of life, o lord take me to my mountain of prosperity in Jesus mighty name Amen

5 months ago

I love listening to your daily videos & try to listen to most weekly prayer & teaching services (even if it is nearly at the end of the week like I did tonight!) Thanks so much for this wonderful ministry. I will continue to keep you all in my prayers.
Just wanted you to know a small detail – I noticed at the end of the service this week when the music fades in, you used a different type of music. It really stirred me & think you should continue using this. 😊

5 months ago

Thanks so much for your words of encouragement God bless you.

Sylvia. Cable
5 months ago

I’ve just read about it now on FB and very interested to listen to
Bruce Downes ministries

5 months ago


John Mc
5 months ago

Thank you Bruce for opening the Scriptures for me. Thank You