Encouragement Powerfully Changes People

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Peter Rutherford
10 months ago

I did not receive the daily video today. There may be a technical problem.

John Mc
Reply to  Peter Rutherford
10 months ago
Valerie Simms
10 months ago

Thank you Bruce,Worship Group and Team, this has been thought provoking and heart provoking, as well as educative spiritually. When it comes to loving my neighbour I still have a lot to learn! Especially those who do evil.I will seriously see what I can do concerning your advice to make contact with a person in need of encouragement and affirmation that this person is valuable.

Ingrid Martin
10 months ago

Please pray for the World. God knows we need to unite in peace, in his love and mercy????????

June crosslet
10 months ago

I haven’t got the talk for 1/9/20

June crosslet
10 months ago

Please pray for my sun that he gets a happy outcome from his settlement with his x wife

Thomas Mmethi
10 months ago

Need prayers,I’m going to CCMA tommorow to defend myself against unfair Labour Practice.I do not have a earthly lawyer and will be going there all by my self.My defender in Jesus Christ the High Judge

10 months ago

Hi Bruce & team

I’ve only just listened to this week’s prayer & teaching service & I must say it was one of your best. I loved it!

Thanks for all you continue to strive for in your ministry.

Happy Father’s Day to you & anyone else who is a dad on your wonderful team. I really pray that you get to have a relaxing day with your families. You truly deserve it.

Jo micallef
10 months ago

Thank you so much Bruce . GOD bless you lots and your family.

Deidre Herring
9 months ago

have just found this: A lovely nun that taught me said we are so blessed because God didn’t say we had to like one another but just love them. As Bruce said: Love is an ACTION not a SENTIMENT!