Encouragement Powerfully Changes People

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Peter Rutherford
1 year ago

I did not receive the daily video today. There may be a technical problem.

John Mc
Reply to  Peter Rutherford
1 year ago
Valerie Simms
1 year ago

Thank you Bruce,Worship Group and Team, this has been thought provoking and heart provoking, as well as educative spiritually. When it comes to loving my neighbour I still have a lot to learn! Especially those who do evil.I will seriously see what I can do concerning your advice to make contact with a person in need of encouragement and affirmation that this person is valuable.

Ingrid Martin
1 year ago

Please pray for the World. God knows we need to unite in peace, in his love and mercy????????

June crosslet
1 year ago

I haven’t got the talk for 1/9/20

June crosslet
1 year ago

Please pray for my sun that he gets a happy outcome from his settlement with his x wife

Thomas Mmethi
1 year ago

Need prayers,I’m going to CCMA tommorow to defend myself against unfair Labour Practice.I do not have a earthly lawyer and will be going there all by my self.My defender in Jesus Christ the High Judge

1 year ago

Hi Bruce & team

I’ve only just listened to this week’s prayer & teaching service & I must say it was one of your best. I loved it!

Thanks for all you continue to strive for in your ministry.

Happy Father’s Day to you & anyone else who is a dad on your wonderful team. I really pray that you get to have a relaxing day with your families. You truly deserve it.

Jo micallef
1 year ago

Thank you so much Bruce . GOD bless you lots and your family.

Deidre Herring
1 year ago

have just found this: A lovely nun that taught me said we are so blessed because God didn’t say we had to like one another but just love them. As Bruce said: Love is an ACTION not a SENTIMENT!