Heaven’s Help is Close

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Valerie Simms
1 month ago

Bruce what a great, powerful message and testimony!!! I can SO RELATE TO YOU!!! Unfortunately I will not be able to finish this message tonight but I am going to try my HARDEST TOMORROW Bruce!!! These messages that express your personal encounter with God’s healing I find most powerful Bruce!!! And this message doesn’t there!!! It is so ENCOURAGING TO HEAR!!! Thank you Bruce!!! I will see you tomorrow no doubt about it!!!! And I will also be looking forward to tomorrows new series as well! What a great day that will be!!! Just as good as today!!!! God bless… Read more »

Vicki Gibbs
1 month ago

I am living below the poverty level in USA, I am comfortable and blessed. I ask all other poor people to give, and see that they will be blessed many times. Ministry is an everyone participate. If all us poor people gave a little, it would add up!! We need to start where we are, to grow and gain!! Step out and step up!!

Valerie Simms
1 month ago

Bruce I thank you for this message! I believe I have a lot of praying to do as to what to do next, a decision does need to be made. I thank you for reminding me that God is close, Heaven is close. And I believe I can make this decision and act upon it only by the grace of God, if my decision is to be successful. The decision I make will have to be life changing. I believe it is what I need from the Lord. And of course the more prayers that are prayed by others on… Read more »

Deborah J Lauzon
27 days ago

God Bless

21 days ago

Amen 🙏🏻🙏🏻❤️✝️🥰