How Stress Leads you to Victory

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1 month ago

Loved your talk today Bruce!

Over the years, I’ve come more and more to trust and rely on God in stressful times (sometimes – maybe even mostly – it’s been so scary, God is the only one who could navigate through it). Now, I have a post-it stuck beside my computer screen that, in part, reads: “…. for every task I give one of My children, there is set aside all that is necessary for its performance. So why fear? Why doubt?”

Sandie murray
29 days ago

Amazing as usual!

29 days ago

What a blessing it is to be able to support your wonderful work. Thank you for blessing me time and time again, year after year. God bless your ministry always.

Valerie Simms
28 days ago

Thank you Bruce for this powerful message.It is no co incidence that I think of a scripture verse or words and find them incorporated in your talk!!! Nothing is impossible for God!!! I am paying a lot of attention to what you had to say as this message is very relevant to me and would be for many, many, many people! God bless you Bruce!