How to be Open to God's Will

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Martin Aniah
1 year ago

Dear Bruce thank you always responding to my prayer requests. I thank God for linking me up with your Ministry. My life has not been the same since I met. Your Bible teachings and prayers have really helped me. I was addicted to alcohol and other anti social vices. I almost committed suicide when I lost all my property through robbery. You have kept me alive. I thank you Jesus. Martin.

1 year ago

Thank you for this teaching and your clear outline of steps.
Gaining new insight on this Christian walk.It can take years to absorb certain aspects, having heard it innumerable times etc.

Bruce Downes
Reply to  Rosemary
1 year ago

Hi Rosemary You are so right. The Christian walk is a constant step deeper. I have found, as strange as this may sound, that surrendering to the idea that there is more of faith, there is more, there is more has helped me grow closer in my relationship with God. As a younger person I thought one day I would arrive and that in a sense I would know enough about God but that is the opinion of an immature person which I was. I now know it is about an ever deeper relationship with God, which by what you… Read more »

Zenna Clarke
1 year ago

I am requesting prayer for my grand son who lost his father at age 9.please pray for me also .I have pain in my left knee and my legs numb sometimes and cramps too.I was scanning through my phone came upon your ministry.I listen and I was blessed through God’s words.Please continue to share your Devine worship that I may be able to follow on with boldness in prayer.I prayed a lot in private but not good at it before a congrenation.

1 year ago

a very practical and true message