How to Change Your Life for the Best

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Isajini Amos
1 year ago

My heart is set to receive.

Valerie Simms
1 year ago

Thank you Bruce, the Worship Team and the rest of the Team for such a deeply meaningful Prayer and Teaching Service. There is a lot to take in, in the message Bruce.A lot of reflection and praying so that the Lord will make clearer the vision of who He wants me to be and what He wants me to do and where He wants me to go.Rather than live with disappointments and look back on my life with regrets.

1 year ago

Change challenges my identity – very powerful statement . Thank you

Ade Mary
1 year ago

Thank you for your prayers .God Bless you all

Ade Mary
1 year ago

Have problem submitting prayer request

Sandra Purcell (ADMIN)
Reply to  Ade Mary
1 year ago

Hi Ade, you can go to our prayer wall or you can email [email protected] Let me know how you go!