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Martin Aniah
1 year ago

I thank you Brother Downes for the good work you are doing in our lives. I was not serious with Christian faith though I am a baptized Christian. May God bless you with the strength to continue to help me in my Christian Life.

May Young
1 year ago

Bruce I clicked the give tab a few days ago and I wanted to give to your ministry $25.00 per month until further notice. I have just realised that I haven’t given you my bank details. Is there a place where I can fill in these details please?

Lois Pusateri
1 year ago

Please pray my 4 kids and their families turn to Christ-also to fix my daughter’s broken heart.

Cynthia Cantu
1 year ago

Can you tell me how I can get the book on prayers that you talk about in your service message?

Hephzibah Wilson Idahosa
1 year ago

I am indeed very gratefull

1 year ago

Who the god and where is he?

Damian Williams
1 year ago

May god continue to bless us all. Amen Thank you Bruce hopefully many of your followers can keep your organisation going through generous donations.

John Mc
1 year ago

Thank You Bruce, for your teaching to-night, Bruce the Love that pours out of You Heart fills me with the joy that Jesus placed within my Heart, many years ago. His Love never ends.

L J Norris
1 year ago

thank you for this inspirational topic. ????

Valerie Simms
1 year ago

Bruce thank you for this Prayer and Teaching Service that I am seeing the second time around and boy is it better hearing it for the second time!!! You have reminded me about the plan the Lord has for my life even now at the age of 62! That cannot be spent by unfulfilled careers, by unfulfilled dreams, by never owning our own home, by not obtaining acknowledgement for a noticeable, successful vocation within the Church, for not living in a location with a beautiful view, for not having a nest egg for retirement. All these things may cause life… Read more »