Making Room

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Jean-Daniel Meetoo
1 year ago

Hi everyone

I would like to thank Bruce for God’s message “making room” . It is a so encouraging message, that I think it is worth to take time to act upon it.This message has touched me because it has allowed me to change things that I do automatically everyday and prepared myself for some rethinking and meditation during this time of advent.

God bless

Martin Aniah
1 year ago

Watching from Ghana in Africa..

Martin Aniah
1 year ago

Watching from Ghana, Africa.

1 year ago

Thank you Bruce for tonights teaching ,on making time for God.l like the three points.5min to think ,to talk to God.

1 year ago

Hi Bruce, a wonderful instruction. I have done a lot of those things throughout this year. I now rise at 5.30pm, get ready for Mass and sit down to pray for 30 mins before I leave. I pray the Rosary on my journey. Often after Mass I come home to more prayer and spiritual reading or listening. I make prayer my priority and all other things take place around my prayer. So my day begins with prayer, continues on at intervals through the day and ends in prayer before God gives me a restful sleep.