What do I do when my family don’t go to Church?

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19 days ago

Praise God in all circumstances…instead of focussing on the problem.Praise God and thank Him for the family just as they are. We enter his gates with thanksgiving in our hearts, we enter His courts with praise.
remember that God Has got this!!he knows all about it and He can handle it when we stop trying to assist Him with it.

19 days ago

Bruce, you are so right – God has His plan and all is well. I didn’t go to Church for, literally, some years after being very harshly judged and criticised by two older women on the Church doorstep one Sunday evening after making the choice to go to Mass dressed in jeans (it was THAT long ago) rather than miss Mass because there wasn’t time to get home, changed and back into town. It was years later when God drew me back into His arms and I returned to regular Mass going. With hindsight and some maturity, I realise that… Read more »

19 days ago

Powerful, thought provoking message today. Keep developing OUR relationship with God and he will take care of our children, grandchildren, family and friends.
Let go and let God.

John McCabe
19 days ago

Bruce, I came to the conclusion that Our Lord Jesus has the bigger picture every time I receive The Blessed Eucharist I surrender both my wife and My son to our Blessed Lord he knows what will happen and my grand children are not baptised it tears my heart out but, I realise that they are in the palm of Our Lord Jesus hands, Lord I feel my heart burning with love for You Lord Jesus.

Valerie Simms
18 days ago

Thank you Bruce I needed to hear this message again!!! I needed to be reminded and encouraged to STAND FIRM in my faith and hand my loved ones to the Lord who loved all of us into being. God is LOVE!!! How can I love more than God? I have to remind myself that Nothing is impossible to God! And His ways are not my ways. His thoughts are not my thoughts. What you advised us to do I will do!!! God bless you Bruce, Rosemary, Worship Singers,Band and Team!!!

Cheryl O'Grady
18 days ago

Sunday msg has arrived! Thankyou for that wise instruction,Bruce. So appreciated.

Valerie Simms
18 days ago

God is still Sovereign, first in my life, regardless of how slow, how tired, how upset I feel, how good or how bad things are. God is in control!

Bruce LaVere
16 days ago

I really needed to hear Bruce’s message. Perfect timing. My Mom (a believer)just passed away 2 days ago. In my mind and heart I prayed repeatedly for a mraculous healing and turn around. I justified and pacted with God that his healing power would make believers of my brother, father and 2 sisters. I really wanted them to see God’s healing power in action and save my mother from cancer. God has proven to me that his ways are different and that his plans will manifest, not my own. I was hoping that what I had desired was placed by… Read more »

Martin Aniah
15 days ago

Thank you Bruce for extending your teachings to us in Africa, especially to me in Ghana.