Luminous Mysteries - Thursday

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fernanda dasilva
3 years ago

Hi love this website it’s amazing. I’ve been trying to get your free book on the rosary but not sure where to grab it from I don’t see it.
Thank you God bless

Reply to  fernanda dasilva
3 years ago

Hi Fernanda, you can receive the free Rosary book at: We look forward to praying the Rosary with you

Valerie Simms
3 years ago

Thank you Rosemary for praying so beautifully with us the Holy Rosary of the Luminous Mysteries once again! Thank you that I can be a member of this praying family Lord! It is no exaggeration that i consider it an honour!Until next time Rosemary God bless you and good night. Please give my regards to Bruce who is doing such great work with the Lent series too!

Michael d Canada
3 years ago

Thank you.

Barbara Mclachlan
3 years ago

That was beautiful, my second evening praying the Rosary with Rosemary Downes and the prayer community. Good night and God Bless.