Luminous Mysteries - Thursday

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3 years ago

Thank you Simon

Paul V Cleary
3 years ago

Yes , thank you Simon and John & Sandra and Bruce & Rosemary , God Bless you all.

Cheryl Grace
3 years ago

Thank you Simon. Holy and blessed Easter to Bruce, Rosemary and all the team.

Valerie Simms
3 years ago

Thank you Simon! Well done too!!! You prayed this Holy Rosary of the Luminous Mysteries at a pace that I could pray with you,I am so grateful Simon. Yes I do love to pray the Holy Rosary.I find praying with the praying family strengthens the prayers and the spiritual bonds too! God bless you Simon! Looking forward to praying the Holy Rosary with you and the praying family again soon!

3 years ago

Thank you Simon. I just want to make an observation and small correction. The Triduum actually begins on Holy Thursday with the celebration of the Last Supper. It then goes on through Good Friday and concludes with the Easter vigil celebration of Christ’s resurrection.

Noreen besnr
3 years ago

Thank you so much Simon for that beautiful rendition. God bless you!

Carmelle Adams
3 years ago

Thank you Simon for guiding us today. I am preparing to go to church on this Holy Thursday. I am honoured to be extra minister of communion this evening. I will keep you and the whole team in my prayers.

3 years ago

Thank you Simon. The Luminous Mysteries are special this Holy Thursday. Bless you and your family this Easter Sunday as we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord.