Joyful Mysteries - Saturday

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1 year ago

Thank you both so much and may God bless you greatly!!! For praying with me and all those around the world the Holy Rosary of the Joyful Mysteries today, the 4th week of Easter Saturday!!! I unite my prayers with both of yours to the Lord that He hears our needs, hears our prayers and TRUST in His Loving care for us all.

Ralph Tripp
1 year ago

Saying the daily rosary fills me with peace! I never miss doing this each day. I firmly believe that God listens to this prayer each day and allows me to do my best for me and my wife.
Thank you for this daily recitation of the rosary.

Ralph Tripp
1 year ago

I request the prayer especially for my wife Diane who is not well. I began reciting the rosary in February 2022 and do believe that God has heard our prayers. Diane is improving!